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Galaxy Watch 4 and Wear OS 3

Will Golf Pad work on the new Galaxy Watch 4 ? Knud

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Great questions! We have great news for you. Yes! Golf Pad is compatible with the new Wear OS 3 watches! Read more about it here

When will GolfPad support Watch 4 /Wear OS ?

I have pre-ordered  and would prefer to continue GolfPad on a watch rather than directly on a phone

Seems like I'm covered with everything I'm currently using and also that Golf Pad are in active development to further improve the Wear OS 3 app. I sent this question by email to Golf Pad support yesterday and got this reply back:


Hello Espen,


Thanks for contacting us. Golf Pad is now available for Wear 3 watches, including Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic

You can see the distance to the front, middle and back of the green, PLAYS LIKE distance, track shot and putts from tee to green (including shot distances), add penalties, mark flag position, undo the last action (in case of an accidental input). With Wear 3, you can also add the Golf Pad Tile to quickly check on your progress in round so far and easily open the rangefinder. 

At this time the phone and the watch need to be connected over Bluetooth throughout the round - there is no standalone mode. Club tracking is also not available yet. Both are coming soon for our Wear 3 app.


Alyona Retunskaya / Golf Pad Support

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Same with me here... Would like to try the new Wear OS, but I am really satisfied with the Tizen App... Considering the fact that Samsung left the Tizen OS, are you going the follow the same steps and make the wear OS app as functional as Tizen? That would be really nice.

I'm using Golf Pad on my old Galaxy Watch 46mm now, and considering pre-ordering the new Watch4 Classic, so I'm wondering the same thing! No Golf Pad - No Upgrade, so hopefully you got me covered!

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