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Galaxy Watch 4 and Wear OS 3

Will Golf Pad work on the new Galaxy Watch 4 ? Knud

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Hi Tim - Thank you! I don't think we need testers for Wear OS3 right now, however, you can always sign up for our beta programs for the Golf Pad app here

Hi cindy if you guys need beta testers please let me know thanks

Hi Espen. It looks to be about a week before club selection will be available on Wear OS3. If I get an update in the next day or so, I'll update my response. We are working hard to bring this to you. It's a priority for our team and we appreciate your patience and understanding. 

UPDATE: The team has confirmed they expect to have club selection in about 4- 5 days. Roll-outs are phased. It will first be made available to a small percentage to ensure everything goes smoothly, then a larger percentage and so on, until all users will have the update available. 

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Still no update? Cindy Scillo? I'm usually a patient guy, but only when I'm kept in the loop, so please don't force me to start looking for alternatives! My old friend Golfshot is starting to look more and more appealing as they've rolled out many updates for their Wear OS 3 app in the same period you've been completely silent.

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I got tired of waiting for an update of the Wear OS 3 version, so I’ve returned my Galaxy Watch 4, and will just continue to use my legacy Gear S3.

It would be wonderful customer service if a weekly email went out with how is the update coming, revised target date, etc.

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I was just wondering the same things! I've been checking for an updated app daily for the last few weeks, so a quick status to let me know when to start looking for updates again would be great! I'm mainly missing the ability to select clubs when tracking shots, but hoping for a lot of other features and improvements as well!

Is there a new target date to have shot tracking for The Galaxy Watch 4 (Wear OS 3)? We are now into Q4 2021,thanks!

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I have a Watch 4. I have not been able to find the Quick Score function. Am I missing something or will this feature only be available with the OS 3 release?

Hi Newton - The goal is to have an update by the end of the quarter.  

Is there an updated ETA for club tracking on the Galaxy Watch 4? I was disappointed with how limited the current app is with only shot tracking and not much else, which I used to have on my Galaxy Active Watch 2. Thanks

Michael - if you still have issues, please do contact with the details. You can also "report a problem" from the app settings. This sends us a raw data log that can help pinpoint the cause. We definitely want you to have a seamless experience. - Cindy

I updated the app after the post.  Although I have not golfed since then I did run the app from my backyard and still got a couple of GPS errors but the yardage updates were more responsive.  As far as the random disconnects I will need to wait till I get out to play.

@Michael B: Are you sure you're using the latest version of the app and have the Watch4 up to date as well? I've played two rounds with my new Watch4, and the first round was a disaster with much of the same behaviour as you described (and a fully charged watch down to 18 percent after 18 holes), but after updating both the app and the watch firmware the next round everything worked as expected without any issues. The only other change than updating things was that I disabled always on, so you could try that as well, but I'd guess you're running old software.

I used the watch app today on my GW4 and had many issues.  I kept getting No GPS alert, the app crashed 3 or 4 times and the yardage was slow to update.  I disabled the watch setting after 4 holes.

Disappointed to say the least.