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Strokes gained vs. different handicaps

Golfpad does provide some insight on the web view for strokes gained compared to 'other players of similar ability', but that's a little vague.

I really wish it had the Vs Handicap Filter that Game Golf analytics provides, wherein you can select (Scratch, 5 handicap, 10 handicap, 20 handicap, etc) to compare your strokes gained against.

Thanks Spencer! We are considering this in our future feature updates. We appreciate your input!

A little bit off topic, but on the theme of strokes gained.  I'm a bit doubtful of the accuracy of the current strokes gained (SG) presented.  I've played 4 rounds and across all 4 strokes gained categories in a single round my highest strokes lost is -0.30 and my highest strokes gained is 0.18.  Although I'm a reasonably consistent player in most areas, this doesn't seem right.  Is there a per hole divider in the presented strokes gained results i.e. strokes gained or lost per hole?  

Yes, it's per hole. Multiply by 18 for strokes lost per round.
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