Yes! Golf Pad is now available for Wear 3 watches, including Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

You can see the distance to the front, middle and back of the green, PLAYS LIKE distance, track shot and putts from tee to green (including shot distances), add penalties, mark flag position, undo the last action (in case of an accidental input). With Wear 3, you can also add the Golf Pad Tile to quickly check on your progress in round so far and easily open the rangefinder. 

Standalone mode and club tracking are available with the latest phone and watch app updates.

UPDATE: January 4, 2022

Some users have reported receiving the update on the watch, but not the phone. Google is taking longer than normal to roll out the update to all users. If you notice this, we’ve found that clearing your Google Play cache on your phone, may force the update (v. 15.8 or later) to appear. 

To clear the Google Play cache

open the Google Play store app on your phone

press and hold the app icon to open a dialog menu

tap the “i” (info) symbol on the right side of the menu

tap “storage”

tap “clear cache”

tap “force stop”

launch Google Play again 

search for Golf Pad and verify the update is 15.80 or later.

download the update

If this doesn’t refresh the version of your Golf Pad app, sit tight! Google Play will soon roll the update out to all users.