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Additional controls on Watch App

The "more" menu on the Samsung Gear App has only three entries, penalty, undo, and ?. There would be room for more, such as "pick up" (yes, it happens...) and probably most others available on the phone app. Also a 3 minute ball search timer would be useful.

On the main screen the top line reads

Hole 1 par 5 score 1

this is difficult to read, the many characters lead to a small font  size for the numbers. Especially the hole number should be bigger, as I often change holes by mistake when I touch the bezel. You could abbreviate this to

H1 P5 S1

and use a bigger font.

Displaying the current time (HH:MM) somewhere would also be useful.

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Great ideas....I came up with the 3 minute timer idea yesterday while on the course. Development seems somewhat slow and feedback nearly as slow...I wonder how much development, if any, is going on, and what we get for our subscription...a lot of feature requests go un-answered.

Hi Toby and  Roman - we take every user suggestion into consideration. We weight several factors, including how many users are requesting a particular change or update. Please do keep the feedback coming! 

Just this year we've launched several UI improvements and an exciting update of the stand-alone feature for Apple Watch and Samsung phones. The official announcement regarding the new Samsung feature will be announced over the next few days. We provide major updates here on the forum, via email and on our social media pages. 

We do our best to respond to every forum post, however a more direct method to communicate with the team is to email us at Thanks for your input! 

Roman's suggestion of a larger font would be most welcome as I currently struggle to read it without reaching for my glasses. The 3 minute timer also would be very handy.

And not to forget - club selection on the watch app. Simple, requested already 4 years ago and still not implemented... Watches are getting more powerfull and such feature would not be difficult for a watch to run. Golfpad, any indication on where are you with this feature?

HI Matej - Thanks for your feedback. We've been working on some major watch features. We just released a standalone watch version of the app. Have you tried it yet? 

Here's more information about the Samsung version.

Here are the details for Apple.

We are working on several more features for Samsung watches in the coming weeks. Here are a few:

- Club recommendations in standalone mode

- Club selection on the watch

- An option to quickly enter full score rather than adding individual shots or putts

If you'd like to get in on our best test program, please join us following these steps.

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