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Posted almost 5 years ago by Roman Mäder

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Roman Mäder

The "more" menu on the Samsung Gear App has only three entries, penalty, undo, and ?. There would be room for more, such as "pick up" (yes, it happens...) and probably most others available on the phone app. Also a 3 minute ball search timer would be useful.

On the main screen the top line reads

Hole 1 par 5 score 1

this is difficult to read, the many characters lead to a small font  size for the numbers. Especially the hole number should be bigger, as I often change holes by mistake when I touch the bezel. You could abbreviate this to

H1 P5 S1

and use a bigger font.

Displaying the current time (HH:MM) somewhere would also be useful.

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Konstantin posted over 4 years ago Admin

Spencer, lie types are not planned for the initial update that will add club selection, but we'll look into adding them later.

Taylor, club selection is planned for both Samsung watches and WearOS, in that order. As a small team, we have to prioritize our work and unfortunately some features take longer than we originally anticipated. 

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Taylor Zoppi posted over 4 years ago

We desperately need club selection on WearOS. This is really the only feature missing to make the app a standout. I even considered using GolfTags but realized you have to have your phone in your pocket so that defeats the purpose. Please just add club selection to WearOS. Its been requested for so long a simple explanation or update would be appreciated. 

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Spencer Braun posted over 4 years ago

Konstantin, thanks for the quick response.

Also, has there been any consideration for adding lie type (tee, fw, rough, sand, recovery), to shot tracking on Samsung watch UI? 

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Konstantin posted over 4 years ago Admin

Spencer, thank you for the great feedback! Yes, club selection will be available in standalone mode. And we do plan simplified scoring, including options to track all putt location, just the first putt location, or no locations (just putt count). Marking flag location will be easier too. Richer stats including more putting stats are planned for 2020 as well. 

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Spencer Braun posted over 4 years ago

Nice work on Samsung/Tizen support.   Golfpad seems to be the only legitimate app to support it.   With Samsung pulling away from Wear OS options in design/features, Golfpad seems to be well positioned for capitalizing in the golfing segment.

I'm considering the purchase of a Galaxy Active 2 watch in the near future, and may come back to Golfpad (used to have premium).   I also see that you recently fixed an issue with gps signal in Standalone, which bolsters your reputation for addressing fixes quickly, often not the case with other golf app devs, so kudos to you there.

Quick question:  Once 'club selection' is implemented, will it be available in Standalone?

Also, any enhancements coming for putting?  Putting seems to be the most problematic area with shot tracking/strokes gained systems.  Since Golfpad doesn't get as granular as other 'deep' stat strokes gained systems (Golfmetrics, Shot by Shot), you really only need the distance of the first putt from the pin, then the total # of putts. 

Similar to the 'club selection' from watch, there have been recommendations regarding putting posted in these forums going back about 4 years.  

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted over 4 years ago Admin

HI Matej - Thanks for your feedback. We've been working on some major watch features. We just released a standalone watch version of the app. Have you tried it yet? 

Here's more information about the Samsung version.

Here are the details for Apple.

We are working on several more features for Samsung watches in the coming weeks. Here are a few:

- Club recommendations in standalone mode

- Club selection on the watch

- An option to quickly enter full score rather than adding individual shots or putts

If you'd like to get in on our best test program, please join us following these steps.

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Matej posted over 4 years ago

And not to forget - club selection on the watch app. Simple, requested already 4 years ago and still not implemented... Watches are getting more powerfull and such feature would not be difficult for a watch to run. Golfpad, any indication on where are you with this feature?

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Geoffrey Hayford posted almost 5 years ago

Roman's suggestion of a larger font would be most welcome as I currently struggle to read it without reaching for my glasses. The 3 minute timer also would be very handy.

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted almost 5 years ago Admin

Hi Toby and  Roman - we take every user suggestion into consideration. We weight several factors, including how many users are requesting a particular change or update. Please do keep the feedback coming! 

Just this year we've launched several UI improvements and an exciting update of the stand-alone feature for Apple Watch and Samsung phones. The official announcement regarding the new Samsung feature will be announced over the next few days. We provide major updates here on the forum, via email and on our social media pages. 

We do our best to respond to every forum post, however a more direct method to communicate with the team is to email us at Thanks for your input! 

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Toby Barker posted almost 5 years ago

Great ideas....I came up with the 3 minute timer idea yesterday while on the course. Development seems somewhat slow and feedback nearly as slow...I wonder how much development, if any, is going on, and what we get for our subscription...a lot of feature requests go un-answered.

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