Starting with Golf Pad version 13.0, you can use GPS-equipped Apple Watch (series 2 or later) even when you don't carry iPhone in your pocket! Simply start the round on the iPhone and put it away. You can see rangefinder distances and club recommendations, change holes and track shots, all right on the watch. See this guide for more information. Once the phone is back in range, the scores will be synced. Version 13.0 is coming soon to all users. 

IMPORTANT: Apple Watch uses iPhone's GPS location if the phone is nearby. This is a built-in Apple optimization aimed at improving watch battery life. This means that you may get inaccurate distances or shot tracking it the phone is nearby, but not in your pocket. For example, if you leave the phone in your golf cart and walk to the fairway, you will get distances and track shots based on your cart's location. To prevent this from happening, please turn off your iPhone or enable airplane mode after starting the round. Note, disabling Bluetooth is not sufficient, as iPhone and Apple Watch can communicate even when Bluetooth is disabled.