Can I use the Golf Pad app on my Samsung watch without the phone, and rely on the watch's built-in GPS sensor?

Yes! As long as you have a newer smartwatch running Tizen 4 or later, you can use it in standalone mode. In this mode you can leave the phone behind after starting a golf round. See rangefinder distances, track shots and change current hole right on your watch. Scores will sync to the phone when it is back in range. 

To start using standalone mode, verify you have the latest version of the Golf Pad phone app (15.0 or higher) and watch app (4.1.1 or higher) and GPS is enabled in watch settings. Then enable 'Standalone' mode under Golf Pad preferences / Smartwatch sync. Start a round while the watch and the phone are connected and confirm you are getting rangefinder distances on the watch, you can then put the phone away. If you run into any issues, please review the troubleshooting steps

For best accuracy, disconnect the phone and the watch after starting the round. We recommend to use airplane mode on the watch, but you can alternatively disable Bluetooth on either device. Learn why this is important. 

Turn off the airplane mode on the watch and wait until the watch connects to the phone before you finish a round in the phone app. It's required for correct synchronization of the data.

NOTE 1: Standalone functionality is available on Tizen 4 devices or newer, including Gear S3, Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active. Connected mode is available on both current and older Tizen smartwatches. 

NOTE 2: Smartwatch sync is a part of Golf Pad Premium upgrade, along with several other features like extended statistics and handicap scoring. Learn more about premium here.