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marking the flag

 I find marking the flag very cumbersome and very bothersome to my fellow players.

Anyone have a simple way to accomplish this?

What I would like is a "mark flag button". So when I am either pulling the flag or putting it back, I could punch the button and my location would be marked.

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You've got it Bob! :)

OK - just to make sure I understand:

If I buy the 3-pack and put a TAG on my putter,

then I mark my 1st putt (as I currently do), then when I am at the flag I tap my phone with the TAG I will mark the flag and know how far my first put is to the pin.

And, more importantly, I will know how good my approach shot was.

HI Bob - Walter is correct. You would still be manually tracking your other shots in the round as (presumably) you've been doing. This would just make marking the flag position with this feature and a tag on your putter. (Thanks Walter!) It's important to note that this works on Android only. iPhone doesn't allow access to their NFC reader at this time.

Bob - you wouldn't use the Tag system like most users that have them do. You'd buy a three pack as Cindy suggested, just putting one on the end of your putter. Then, as long as you have an Android phone, you'd just tap the end of the putter to your phone, and that would mark the flag position.

This wouldn't be possible if you have an iPhone I don't believe since they don't allow NFC tag readings (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

Walter, does that mean I do not need the TAG system?

Bob - you'd stick the tag on the end of your putter and use it with your NFC enabled phone. Of course, if you have an iphone, that may or may not work (?). 

Then, a simple tap of your phone to the end of your putter would mark the pin position. The phone could still be in your pocket. No need to open the phone or anything. Tap and go. 

Thx Cindy, but I do not have LINKS/TAGS. What would I do with the 3 pack of TAGS?

I'll pass the suggestion to our team. If you would like to try it, we do have 3 packs of TAGS available for $20. We appreciate the feedback and often implement user suggestion... so keep it coming! 

Th Ed & Cindy for your suggestions, but they are useless since I do not have LINK/TAGS ;-)

Why can't this feature be added to non-LINK apps?

Thanks for your input Ed. You can also use TAGS to mark the flag with a simple tap if you use Android. We actually have a bonus offer happening right now for exactly this reason. For a limited time, buy TAGS and we'll give you three extra so you can use these additional features and still have the full set of tags for your clubs.


If you use the Golf Pad LINK you can assign this function to the power button.

Article explaining how to set this up.

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