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Posted 13 days ago by Alfredo Ceballos

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Alfredo Ceballos

Love the app! Have been a loyal user for over 10yrs now! The only think I'd like is a way to make notes ahead of time on holes, so that I can access them every time when playing that particular hole. As it stands now, notes do not carry over to another round. Assembling a virtual yardage book would be killer and would ensure I stay on this app! 


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Alfredo Ceballos posted 9 days ago

Yes. Would like to make notes permanent for the particular hole and course so that it can be written before hand but also accessed whenever the hole is played. That would be a great feature, it would be a digital yardage book. Thank you! 

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Annie Mallory posted 9 days ago Admin

This is something we have been looking at in our list of features coming up! It would be related to round planning but would show up on that course when you're there. Is that what you mean?

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