Today and Tomorrow - Golf Pad Premium is 50% off your first year

Posted 2 months ago by Annie Mallory

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Annie Mallory Admin


FOR 48 HOURS ONLY: 50% off your first year when you upgrade to Golf Pad Premium!
** Upgrade available online only **

Use Code MASTERS50 to get 50% off your first year of Golf Pad Premium ($14.99 USD).
Get access to all of our Premium features in the app and on your smart watch and every one of our Premium Partnership deals and offers coming up!
Upgrade available online only at: at: 


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Annie Mallory posted about 2 months ago Admin

Marty, that was only 48 hours but something will come around again!

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Marty Keith posted about 2 months ago

I did the trial 14 days ago and now I can't take advantage of this great offer.  Maybe it will come around again.....?

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