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Symbols on scorecards

Can anyone succinctly explain the circles and squares used on the scorecard. The holes I get a shot on appear to affect the use also. I think it is as follows: - par (gross) has no symbols - par (nett birdie) has a circle -birdie (gross) has a circle -birdie (nett eagle or better) has a filled in circle -bogey (gross) has a square -bogey (nett par) has no symbols -double bogey (nett bogey) has a square - double bogey or worse has a filled in square
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Phil - it sounds like you actually have a good understanding of the symbols. They follow the standard score keeping symbols of golf. This blog post goes into some detail about it. Reading it makes my head hurt. As a new golfer who started with Golf Pad, I'm glad I never had to deal with manually tracking my game! :) 

Golf Pad computes which holes you get strokes on based on your course handicap and individual hole handicaps. Those strokes are marked with dots on the scorecard.

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