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Doesn't like holes that are close together

I was using the LINK reader/phone/smartwatch combo for a round at the end of July, and after a short par three, even though I manually switched the hole to the next hole, and used the driver, it still kept recording the shot on the previous hole. I had to enter the drive on the fourth hole manually to get it on the right hole.

Tdredinger8256 - not sure if you use Android, but thought you'd be interested in the announcement posted today:

New in Android Version 14.5

Update your app for a new hole auto-advance algorithm. This new algorithm uses artificial intelligence system backed by Google's TensorFlow framework to pick the right hole for recorded shots. You should see improved hole assignment when using Golf Pad LINK or TAGS. Choose between new and old algorithm in settings / auto-advance. 

Let us know what you think! This is a big feature update and we need everyone's feedback. If you see any issues, have questions or comments, lets us know.

We will let the team know about this. We are working on enhancements to the hole-advance feature. It's odd that you manually change it and it still recorded on the previous hole. If you see this happen again, please let us know.