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Firmware Update to v2

I just installed the firmware update for the Link reader from v1 to v2.  I tried to find what changes were made in the update, but could not locate a change log.  Would you be kind enough to post the list of changes included in Link firmware v2 or direct me to the location if I just missed it?  I also recommend that if Golf Pad is not posting this as a standard process, please consider doing so.  I generally like to see the changes before I decide whether I want to make updates to a system that is working. 

Hello Bill - we are getting the official word from our development team on this. What I understand is this corrects the issue where shots which were tracked correctly to be lost. Thank you for the suggestion about posting the details with each firmware update. The team is also working on that.  If we receive any additional information, we will post it here. Thanks and we hope you are enjoying LINK!

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My iPhone does not show a firmware update to v2 for Golf Pad LINK. Why?


Roman - iPhone users will be receiving the notification soon. We are just waiting for Apple to approve so we can release it. 

My iPhone just notified me of the firmware update. When I started the update it said it was restarting the unit. The unit because to buzz and has been buzzing for 30 minutes. I'm assuming it will eventually drain the battery and I can restart the process over. Has this happened to anyone else? Suggestions on actions to take?

Hello Bill - sorry to hear you are having trouble with the update. Please send us the details if you are still having trouble so we can help you resolve it. 

I also entered a ticket with the same detailed information

My Link firmware update seems to be locked up as above.  I have an iPhone 6S+.  The iPhone and Link are both charging.  The firmware update started ok but Golfpad is now showing a message "Link update is in progress.  Link is being restarted to finish the process."  There is a progress wheel on this notice which would normally be spinning but is stuck at the 9 o'clock position.  The Link green LED is solid.  The other Link LED is blinking blue once a second.  It's been at least 30 minutes, maybe an hour.

This is an update following my last post.  After about an hour the Link firmware update restarted.  I may have left Golfpad which may have restarted.  The second attempt was successful.  After installing the update Link restarted.

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