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Ability to edit posts!

Why can we only delete our posts and not edit them? I deleted one as I'd made a couple of errors in it (posting in another topic) and now I can't even reply in that topic anymore!

I think if GolfPad really does want to be / is the number 1 golf tracking app, it needs to up the anti for it's community facilities and feedback.

This is the reply from the the other forum, as I think it shouldn't be missed...


Yeah I agree with that Al - I also mentioned something on these forums about having a proper "issue tracking" system, so when you submit a feature request you can see if it was "discussed", "rejected", "set in motion" etc etc. To be honest, I know the guys at GolfPad are working on things, it's just their community feedback is pretty poor. I would expect someone to be reviewing these forums daily and offering responses where they are needed, even just to say "good idea, we'll put it forward" or "thanks but no thanks". When you're investing in a product / company, you expect to know that it's "active" and that's unfortunately not how it feels at the moment on the forums.

If GolfPad can't have employees to do this due to a number of reasons, then get community members active who can progress requests / filter / respond to forum requests - like moderators. At least give the illusion of caring :D

edit: had to delete and resubmit as there's no edit functionality!


I was not aware that there was an inability for users to edit their posts. I will look into this from our end and see if there is a setting that we can change.

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Thanks Keaton

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