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Future of AppleWatch

Will the soon to be released (September?) AppleWatch update speed up yardage refreshes? Right now the delay getting an updated yardage when I walk up to and stop at my ball is very irritating myself and especially for playing partners. They are Not always patiently waiting for me while I stand there waiting for my watch to update. Embarrassing and very Unsatisfying characteristic. I am paired with an Apple 6+.

Thanks for the reply. Will the planned watchOS release in September affect this? Can GolfPad transition to a dedicated watch app?

I agree this is very frustrating. The problem seems to be shared between the phone and the watch. On average the phone takes 5 - 10 seconds to give the distance and the watch takes another 5 - 10 seconds. Meanwhile we stand in the fairway staring at our watches waiting for an update.

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