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IFTT integration?

In an effort to save as much battery as possible during a round, I find myself turning off wifi, bluetooth, screen swiping, and screen rotation. I'd love to set up an IFTT recipe to automatically set these for me once I startup the Golfpad app. Would it be possible to have this functionality added?

An alternative to this would be to buy some cheap NFC tags (not TAGS from GolfPad) from Amazon, and tack two onto your golf bag/cart. One you would program to turn off the items automatically at the start of your round by swiping your phone against it, the other to turn things back on when you're done.

Interesting...  hadn't thought of that. I'll give it a go and post my results.

Thanks for the tip!

Yep I can confirm this works. I have a NFC tag to turn on/off all my settings for the golf round and one to turn them back on. It is a huge time saver.


You could also use Tasker or other automation programs to do these things when you open the app. They are really good for automating everything on your phone. 

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