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Tags coming off

I have IOmic grips, not the most popular in the US but I love them. The issue I'm having is the tags becoming lose after nearly every swing with my irons. Any tips or hints to keep em in? A dab of super glue or something?

The best solution that I have heard of so far is to use electrical tap. There are a couple different ways I have heard to use it. If your grips are oversized and the hole in the end is a little bit large you can put tape on the screw part to thicken it so it holds more snugly and I have also heard of people just taping their tags down with electrical tape and having good results. 

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Thanks Keaton!
Super glue works well but can be an issue when you regrip. Two sided tape can work also.

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I would try rubber cement

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I was having the same problem.  I found that a large glob of hot glue worked well...the tags stay in place, but can be removed with a little force when necessary.  The hot glue (now solidified) can then be peeled off.


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@Jon I am going to try that. My girl is super craft lover so I'm gonna have her help me in the morning.

I have had the cap fall off of two clubs so far. Sand Wedge and Lob Wedge.  The Sand Wedge lasted one trip to the range and one round, then fell of the next time to the range.  The Lob Wedge fell off in the middle of the second round yesterday.  The screwed in parts are still there, but the exposed RFID isn't working.  

I recovered the cap for the Sand Wedge, but not for the Lob Wedge - I'm not sure at what point in the round it fell off.  I'm still conditioning myself to remember to tap my pocket prior to each shot.

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Have you created a support ticket about your tags coming apart? We would be happy to send a couple of replacements to you. Please just submit a support ticket with the number of tags that are broken and the shipping address that we can send the replacements to.

Might help if they were to make the 'Screw Grooves' larger so they would get a better bite on the Grip(s).
     * NOT the screw itself but just make the Grooves Deeper.


I have recently installed these tags.  After install, 3 of the tags would not register, and 1 broke into 2 pieces.  I put in a ticket and Golf pad responded quickly to replace the tags.  My concern is how long the tags will last in real time conditions. The one that came apart shows that the is a gap between the length of the cap side and the thickness of the screw piece. The Tag should bottom out on the screw piece before the cap. When the cap bottoms out of the grip, any further tightening will cause the cap to come loose from the screw. I am concerned about the robustness of these tags. The adhesive between the two pieces looked like 2 small drops. I am concerned about the tags hitting the bottom of the bag. I have yet to play a round with the tags, but I hope to get one in before the warranty expires. Will the bad tags extend the 90 day warranty?

I have just re-griped and because of tags coming off previously I decided to glue them in.  I made the mistake of using superglue as I found they are impossible to remove from the grip when replacing.  I was lucky to recover one of the two tags but the other snapped. 


I have now tried electrical tape and will see how it goes. I am worried they will come off, especially as I have an Ogio bag with the Silencer locking mechanism at the base.


These tags should really be redesigned to have a larger thread. I had Arccos before and ditched it because of issues on Android but their tags had superb threads and were rock solid in both my Lamkin and Golf Pride grips.


I did note someone else mention the tags falling apart.  I experienced this too and I would recommend tightening them as much as possible so the three locking mechanism are as secure as possible, then apply a drop of glue to each one.  I have had no issues with tags coming apart since this.

I have just re-griped

I think the screw stud should be eliminated. There should be piece of 2 side tape fit into the bottom of the tag. Peel and stick type of tape with a tab to pull the protective stip off. One of the studs twisted off when I was installing it. I ended up using a little soap to help the tag twist in.
I used gorilla glue to secure the tag I broke.

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Philmckeown75 - thanks for your input as well. We are continually working on improvements to ensure the best fit in standard grips and your feedback is important to that end. 

Keep in mind, they are warrantied for 90 days against any manufacturing defects, so if you have a tag break, let us know. We'll send replacements.