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Strokes Gained

      Would love to see a strokes gained feature implemented into the app in the statistics portion. Maybe include putts gained if we can mark the location of hole or even input putting distance ourselves. The ability to tap an additional tag to mark hole location by gps maybe?

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These are both good suggestions and I am personally working on a redesign of the statistics overview within the app. I am definitely looking to add  some kind of strokes gained stat and will look into the possibility of making it possible to get it done for putting as well.

Is this still in the pipeline?

The statistics breakdown is much better online (PC), but Strokes Gained would be great. 

Strokes gained is a feature that is on the way. Not sure of a timeline but definitely something we are working on.

I'm glad to see there is some kind of implementation of this in the App now. I haven't checked yet but is there a way to input the distance of the putt manually? Currently right now I pull the phone out and hit putt+ for my puts as my putter doesn't accommodate the tag to get a gps location and so far I haven't seen a way to make hole location either.


Cody, if u check this link u will find out how to move hole location

You can set the flag position.  It's done from the shot list screen, then select the '+' button, and then set the pin position on the map. See 'How Can I Set The Flag Position in Golf Pad GPS?' from the Solutions screen.

If you're putter can't accommodate a tag, I'd do as others suggest and pinch off the screw base of one and use as a ball marker/ putter tag. Then just tag your phone with that marker and mark your put.

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