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Approach Accuracy

Approach Accuracy: Does anyone know what this statistic actually is?

Is it tee to fairway, to the green etc.


'Approach' stats are always you're typical shot into a green if you were to attain 'a green in regulation'. So for a par 4, that's your second shot, and a par 5, that would be your 3rd shot. That's your approach shot, as opposed, say, to a tee shot.

The approach stats noted give you info how often you hit a green with that shot. The one stat indicates your percentage inside 156 yds (I don't know why that exact yardage is used), and the other stat is your percentage outside of that distance.

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hi Walter

I might know the answer to the 156. I got this from tech:

"For approach, Golf Pad considers shots where you are from 50yd to your average 4i distance to the green. Accuracy means % of shots landed on the green."

Is your 4i average 156?



I was thinking that my definition of 'approach' shot was a little narrow, and could include 'other' shots as well.

As for the '156' stat, I consider my 4i to be my 195 yd club, though when you take averages, it's well below that because of some mishits (so avg - 50 yds <> 156). So I don't know where that comes from. I know there was another user on the forums whose 'threshold' was exactly the same, so at the time I didn't think it had anything to do with my averages.

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