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Putter and golf ball tracking


Other than having issues with the lock screen, I love the app and the tags.  I couple of things I would like to see:

1.  I have several different putters.  When you check out stats, it shows them for all clubs except for the putter.  I would like to be able to see some stats for each different putter so I can determine which one I score better with.  

2.  Golf balls.  I'm always experimenting with different golf balls in my quest for the perfect ball.  When playing I stick to one make and model for that particular round.  Is there someplace on the app where I can make notes or something to indicate what ball I'm using that day?  

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Hi Kevin - sorry for the delay in reply. We're glad to hear from you. 

1. You should be able to see your putter stats under Statistics > Clubs > Putter. You can add various clubs using the custom clubs feature.

2. You can add notes to your round from the Playing History on the start screen. Select the round. You'll see "notes" toward the bottom of the screen. Add your notes and tap "save". 

Let us know if you need any more help. 

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