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FourBall and Foursomes match play format

Hi.  Any plans to add Fourball better ball and/or Foursomes as round type options in GolfPad?

Hi Mike. Great question and suggestion. I'll look into this with the team and let you know. 

Hi again Mike.  I wanted you to know, we will be adding this as a part of tournaments support, some time this year. Thanks for contributing to the conversation about features! Listening to our customers is a top priority for the Golf Pad team. 

Hi, I've just downloaded Golf Pad and updated to premium but haven't even used it yet !!  , I used to use swing by swing but after an update it became unusable, I then started using Vpar, mainly for the pairs match play option. As its a popular game format amongst four balls, are you planning on adding this feature to scoring ? Obviously the post above is quite old so though it would be in place by now. 

Hi Steve. Thanks for reaching out to us.  It took us longer than anticipated, but teams scoring is now planned for later this year. 

Ok, thanks for the reply, I look forward to it as its a major part of golf in the UK.

Hi, any news on when the update is happening?

Thanks for checking on this. It's still on our road-map, but some other high demand features are taking longer than expected. Hoping to get this towards the end of the year. 

Is this Still in the pipework!! Love the app and won't be switching, but can't believe you guys haven't got this up and running yet with it been a major golf format (in the UK any way)

Hi Steve - we've added several scoring formats in the app and in our free golf tournament software. Let me check with the team on the status on this specific format. Stay tuned! - Cindy

UPDATE:  We don't yet have this scoring format, but your suggestion has been noted. 

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