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How do I know if my gear S3 and my notes 8 are connected and ready to go?

Just set both up, and can't tell if they are synced. I'm leaving for a golf vacation, and want to make sure it's set correctly.

Albert - it definitely sounds like there are some technical issues. We're happy to refund your subscription but we'd also like the chance to troubleshoot and solve the issue. Please email Feel free to reference this conversation in the email and we'll get it sorted out one way or another. 

Hi, well after using the golf pad app for three days, I can honestly say I would like to cancel my subscription. It's close, but just not there. It was never on the right hole, and lost the connection so many times, I deleted it right there on the course. Man I wished it worked like I thought it would. Thanks, Albert
Sweet... Thank you

Hi Albert - it sounds like everything is working together. You'll see distances on the course. :) Have fun!

also, the app does not show up in Gear Manager, it is on my phone like any other app, even though I downloaded it from play store. it is connected though. I just hopes it works on the course.

not sure... I loaded in a course, and when I added a score on my phone it showed on my watch. I'm assuming they are synced. Also, I had no GPS, so I am assuming on the course, I will get distances. They did not show up indoors.

Are you still having trouble determining the set up?

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