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Deciphering club history

What is"true distance"? And what is the meaning of the green check mark next to some shots? What distance from the history is used for club recommendations? Does club recommendation take into account elevation change to green?

Great questions, Alex. Thanks for asking! 

Weather, elevation, altitude are factored into calculating your "true distance". All shots are used for club recommendations with the exception of abnormally long or short shots or shots excluded by the user. Recent shots carry a higher weight than much older shots. 

Yes, club recommendations take elevation change to green into account. 

Tell me more about the check mark you are asking about. Where are you looking that you see this?

Thanks for your reply, Cindy.

I just added a nine iron. I have one shot marked, showing an average, equal to that one shot, of 81 yards. The hole I hit that shot on has very little elevation change from where I hit it. But "True Distance" is showing up as 101 yd.. I don't understand how that can be. And if I am 91 yards from the center of the green and had no other club that was a better match, would GP use true distance and recommend 9soft or use average and recommend 9strong?

The green checkmarks (on two of my recorded 9-iron shots) are at the right edge of the screen on the history tab. If still a mystery, let me know and I will try to send a screen grab. Would send it from here, but for some reason, the new clubs show upon the android app, but not online from PC.

Hi Alex. Thank you for the clarification. So the green checkmarks in club history are used to indicate you hit the green with that shot. We will be sure to update our knowledge base to include this information.

True Distance is the estimate of how far that shot would be at 70 degrees F, no elevation change and with low humidity. If you played on a cold humid day, or if there was some uphill elevation change, the 20 yards difference is entirely possible. For club recommendations, Golf Pad looks at your entire history of shots with every club, as well as 'bootstrapping' info you can enter in club recommendations settings. A single short/long shot does not usually have a huge effect on the recommendations once you have a couple of rounds tracked. 

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