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Adding shot tracking after a round?

I want to add shot tracking, but I never added any shots during the round... Can I do through history? All I can edit is the score, fairways and sand...

Short answer is 'I think so'.

Go to Edit Scores within your historical round as you have done. The app will open to the first hole in that round, then select the 'blue' hole score box. At this point you see the hole score 'slider', putt and penalty sliders, and the fairway and sand indicators (as you mentioned). Instead, just underneath the sliders, select 'Show as List'. This will give you a listing of the shots for that hole, all or most with a '?' besides them indicating that no location data is included for the shot. Click that crosshair or flag indicator on the right side of each line item to plot the location on the map. Move the crosshair to your shot location, then click 'OK' to accept the location.  This takes you back to the list view. You can also set the club for each shot by selecting the 'Set club' text on the left of each line item within the hole. Proceed for each shot on that hole, and then proceed to do the same for all holes in that round.

Here's more info with pics that should help:

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