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Stroke Added When Swinging a Club Using Link

At the first tee I was taking 3-4 practice swings with my driver. I then noticed that 4 shots were added to my smartwatch. I cancelled the shots and registered my shot and drove off. The shot score had gone to 2. This happened on every iron shot. I moved the link around my belt but it still registered the erroneous shot. Has anyone else had this problem? The link was clipped to my belt.

Haven't seen anything like that, though I did have the following on a few holes before the last update that is somewhat similar. I hit off the tee, then my approach on the fairway, which were recorded fine. Chipped and  got onto the green and looked at my score on my watch, and noticed that the score was high. Pulled out my phone and went to the hole details. It duplicated my driver and iron shots (so it looked like driver, iron, then driver again (back on the tee), and then iron again from the prior location). Deleted both shots. It did that for one more hole in that round. Hasn't happened since. 

Peter - that doesn't sound like typical behavior. When you were taking those practice swings, did you feel the reader vibrate?

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