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Stroke Index on Smartwatch

I would like to see the stroke index of the hole I'm playing appear on my smartwatch screen.  At the moment we have the number of putts as a sub-script of the total score and the par as a super-script of the hole number.  In my opinion, the number of putts taken is fairly irrelevant as, almost as soon as the details are entered, you're on to the next hole so I would suggest that this is where the SI could go.  If it is felt by other members that they wish to retain this feature, could it be a sub-script of the hole number? 

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I'm in the other camp. I like seeing the number of putts on the watch. Makes me more confident that everything has been recorded as I proceed through the hole (without having to think back about how many strokes it took to get on the green).

Have just noticed that penalties appear as a superscript of the score and, as it would be preferable if my suggestion didn't upset other users :), can I make a bid for the SI to be added as a subscription of the hole? To me, it seems strange that the app virtually eliminates the need to carry a card around except in this one important area.
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