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Batteri drain on Android 14.5.3

This weekend I experienced severe battery drain of my phone while playing. The battery was depleted after 8 holes and golfpad showed up as the single most draining app in the battery consumption view.

This is the first time I experienced this. Is there some changed made recently that can explain this? Is anyone else experiencing this?

Do you use Golf Tags or Golf Pad LINK? Have you recently installed any updates for the android itself? 

I recently updated by Nexus 6P to Oreo (Android 8.0). Battery performance is markedly worse running anything. One day, the battery didn't make it through the entire day.

I recently updated to 14.5.3. I played a round today and discovered there was also a firmware update also for LINK (4.0) that I hadn't seen. It connected initially for 3 holes, lost connection, and wouldn't connect for the remainder of the round. For the first time, my smartwatch also ran out of battery around hole 16. I've got the LINK firmware update installed now, so hopefully things will work better. If you updated to 14.5.3 and have LINK, ensure you update your firmware too.

I'm was using LINK and had just updated to FW 4 and 14.5.3. No other updates apart from those.

Before the updates my battery usually would go from full to 50% after 18 holes. But as said, this time it was depleted after 8 holes.

Jens, thank you for confirming. We are investigating. Could you please send your Golf Pad support id? You can find it in Golf Pad settings / About. You can post here or email to

Thank you!

Golf Pad team.

Walter - I just recently picked up a Nexus 6P and am noticing quite a bit more battery drain than I had on my previous phone. My Nexus is also has the Oreo update and my Golf Pad is at Version 14.17 (do not have the Link). Did your battery drain problem get any better? If so, did you do something to solve it?


Thinking back, it was just the very first round after the update where I had battery problems, as I'd updated the firmware promptly once I got home.

My phone is getting old, so the battery performance is dropping off expectedly and not what it was. Need it to last as long as this fall when security updates cease and I'm forced into a newer phone. 

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