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Link Wont Turn On Any Longer (2)

I experience the same issues as Michael but could not find a way to continue that topic.

I have used the Link for scoring through some 10 rounds. It's mostly working, but I've experienced some notable bugs (most annoying is losing connection, uable to re-connect, "reboot" and then the 10-15 minute or so wait to have it find some satellites. (How about using the phone to give it a start position?)

Oh well, last weekend I was playing a round when I suddenly lost connection to Link. I tried a restart but to no avail. I tried to charge it with a portable battery, the orange light turned on but the device did not when I later pressed the on/off. I lost some valuable "mental health" while struggling with technical issues, but managed to use my phone on the last stint.

Later I came home and forgot about it, but now I'm playing again tomorrow and when I tried to charge the Link it starts to vibrate and stays that way. The orange light is lit but it just keeps buzzing and I guess it's not charging very much. The reset "button" is not doing anything what I can see.

I bought the Link through the Kickstarter campaign and so far it's not meeting my expectations. As an $200+ upgrade to barely replace my phone as a NFC reader it's just not worth it. I upgraded firmware about a month ago an will gladly do it again if I can and if that is a solution to my problem.

I'll open a support ticket if that is what's next.

Btw, your site seems to have an invalid SSL certificate (using

Okay, update!

After having the Link attached to a charger for couple of hours, vibrating all the time, I tried removing and inserting the charging cable a couple of times. Then suddenly the device stopped buzzing with the cable attached. I kept it that way and waited for another two three hours and, voila, the device turned on. 

So, I guess that most of my problems is/have been related to battery (drain/charging). After the device turned on and connected to my phone I tried to update the firmware but had some trouble. It failed four times after approx. 50% done, until I removed the charger cable. Coincidence?

Anyway, I now have successfully updated it to firmware 4 and played a full round yesterday without any problems. I can even say it helped me play a nice 82.

So, no support ticket needed.

Tobias - thank  you for sharing and I'm glad it all worked out. Firmware 4 should correct any lingering issues with LINK that a few users were seeing. Keep us posted. Great job on your round!

Hi I experienced the same problem. After I attached it to the charger cable for around 6 hours. I tried couple of times to do it again but still no good. If it is related to battery problem, is the battery replaceable?
Im dealing with it too. I played a couple of rounds with it and now I can't get it to turn on. I plugged it in for 2 days to see if the vibrating would stop. It won't turn on even after that. Help?????

Andri andTorrance, sorry to hear you are having trouble charging your LINK reader. Please try the steps outlined here. If that isn't successful, our support team will be happy to help. 

This issue is driving me mad, happened and I did the 48 hr charge and updated the firmware to V4 and next time out LINK switched off after 4 holes and when I try to charge I get the vibrating thing again.  I've raised another Support Ticket and thought I would post here as well to raise the issue.  Absolutely fed up with it and am about to move to an alternative product and will be looking for full refund for this sub-standard product.

Hi Richardshaw13. Thanks for posting here and I understand your frustration. I'll take a look at your support ticket and reply to you there. We'll get it squared away for you. 

Same issue here, very frustrating :( The Link reader won't turn on and won't finish charging, it continues to vibrate when connected to the charger. I have tried to charge it for 2 days straight using a 2A charger, but still no go. The last time I opened a support ticket, I was told that it's past the 30 day warranty period and the fix is to open it up, disconnect a wire and solder it back together. 

To clarify, the warranty on new LINK readers is 1 year, refurbished units are 30 days or 1 year from original purchase date, whichever is longer. Just as in phones and laptops lithium ion batteries experience discharge over time. Proper battery care is important. If you still need more help, feel free to email You can ask for Cindy since I'm aware of our forum conversation. 

 This unit has been designed incorrectly. When fully charged and turned off the battery should hold it's charge for months. However one of the faults in the circuit board is slowly draining the battery over a number of days. It shouldn't be left permanently on charge between rounds as advised. Also, the vibrator is taking virtually all of the power that should be charging the battery. Again, another design fault.

I think the people at GolfPad realised the shortcomings of this link device and that is why they have discontinued it. The idea was to not have your phone connected during the round and so save the phone's battery but as people have pointed out going back to using the tags and phone flattens the battery.

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