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Link Reader Bluetooth Issue

So i opened a ticket and posted in another thread about my Link reader losing bluetooth sync if my phone screen goes off for a abit. The last app update definetly helped with bluetooth connections however i was still experiencing some desync if my phone timed out. Or so i thought. The phobe timing out may be a factor but i noticed it made a difference which pocket i put my phone in. I am right handed and my link is on my front right hip. When i kept phone in my front left pocket i had no desyncs i think. If i put it in my back left pocket it would desync. Is this maybe a line of sight issue. But bluetooth shouldn't need line of sight.

My LINK is also having difficulty at startup.  When I start LINK it connects to my phone (bluetooth) and then takes a few minutes finding GPS satellites.  When it locks onto the satellites it loses the bluetooth connection.  On my iPhone, settings shows LINK not connected.  If I Disable, then Enable link, (Golfpad, settings, Golf Pad LINK, Enable Golf Pad LINK) bluetooth reconnects and then (sample of one round) everything works OK.  

I also noticed that if LINK locks onto GPS, then loses GPS (I went indoors), it may also lose the Bluetooth connection.  

I hope the engineers fix this issue soon.  Nothing worse than futzing around with the tech at the start of a round :(

I'd say that 70% of the time, I connect to GPS and Bluetooth without issues. The other times, I'm starting the app and start LINK well in advance of the start of the round and experience this:

- I get GPS lock in about a minute, but Bluetooth seems to never connect (after almost 20 minutes), so I do the following; I go into Settings/Golf Pad Link - if I select 'Connect', it still doesn't connect, so instead I select 'Pair a New Device', then immediately cancel this process, and then select 'Connect' and 'bingo', I immediately get a Bluetooth connection; this may be similar to Disabling/Enabling LINK as PeterBro3 mentioned;

- other times, I notice that I get Bluetooth connection (so I have both the green and blue lights flashing every five seconds), but it may time out if I start the process too soon before I start the round and start tagging, and then lose Bluetooth connection; twice the unit shut-down completely;

- I've also experienced losing Bluetooth connection if going indoors (and losing GPS lock);

I've noticed after the update near Sept 21/17 that when starting the app, it isn't trying to connect to LINK automatically. I like this because I may only be looking at stats or prior rounds, and it shouldn't be trying to connect to LINK unless I start a round. However, there is still some background process occurring that I have to cancel if not starting a round.

The above is my experience before the update noted above, so we'll see if anything has changed.

The app says that my Golf link is connected. But when I look at the distance, it doesn’t move when I move. When I click on the Golf Link on/off button and switch it off, the distance gets updated. It’s frustrating. I had disconnected and reconnected the Golf Link but it still doesn’t work. For the whole game, I had to manually tap on my hp without using the Golf Link. Pls help!
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