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Putting Stats. More indepth detail etc.

So the strokes gained putting is awesome. The break down for overall total putts. Putts per hole avg and putters per gir is great. A couple other putting stats id like to see. Total distance of putts made and longest putt made. Seeing as it tracks putt distance and i can see this if i lppl at the map this should be an easy one. Total distance is a great stat as average putts can be misleading or total putts. You can have a round. With 20 putts but thats because you chipped everything close. Or you have a round with 28 putts but u were draining 30fters. Also if you look at the scorecard u can se ur total putts and how many per hole. But how about an overall in stats of 1 putts. 2 putts 3 putts and 4+

Thanks Jason. We are passing your feedback to the team.

I would like be able to easily put in a distance, in feet, of each putt. Using the GPS is cumbersome and not accurate enough for putting. Be nice to just put down 2 putts then we you are back to the cart, you can put they were 20 feet and 2 feet or whatever. Then the putting strokes gained would actually be accurate as well.

Thanks Caleb - We are passing your feedback to the team. Keep the feedback coming. We love hearing from you so we can prioritize new features.

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