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Pin location using Golf Pad Link

Not sure if this would be possible. If the power button could be used as a pin location on the Green. Short press on the power button would turn on the unit, long press would shut it off. Short press while the unit is on would do a pin location on the Green. Wondering if this would be possible?

Hello Mike. The team is working on a feature to allow marking pin location from the Golf Pad LINK reader. We know it's important for LINK users. We'll be sure to pass your suggestion along. Thanks for offering it! 

I suggested a GolfPad ball marker with two NFC sensors, one on each side. One side would say Penalty shot, the other side would say Flag Position. Tap the appropriate side to the link to add a penalty shot or mark the flag position. You could also use it for marking the position of your ball on the green. I love multitasking tools.

What do you guys think? I'd buy one if the price was reasonable.

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We'd love to hear user thoughts on which type of solution they would enjoy most. Thanks for posing the question, Bland. Do you think it may be challenging to keep track of a marker like this? 

How about a velcroed wristband with the tag on it the that you can use to tag for pin position

How does the tracker know if you have hit the fairway or the semi rough?

I have a suggestion to add an app feature/option to enter the distance estimated by the player away from the flag on the approach to the app.  For example when you view the shot list in the app the drop down selection would let you enter the distance to the hole for each putt.  I thought I did a pretty good job marking the flag positions for each hole after my first two rounds, but some seem way off, i.e. showing a +20ft putt when I had a 10ft putt.  I would think this would be very important for the strokes gained stats.


Kevin K. - The tracker will estimate fairway rough lies based on the GPS, but can be tricky to get right on the edge.  You can edit the lie of the ball for each shot to fairway, rough, sand, etc. in the app before you post the round.  Additionally I believe the lie has to be set in the app to sand to get sand save statistics, by default it will assume rough based on my experience so far.

Kevin - the app uses GPS to determine your location on the course. If you need to change a lie type, you can do so in the app.

Stephan Strandlund - thanks for chiming in to help Kevin. You are correct! We'll give your suggestion to the development team. 

What about doing it possible to scan a tag and use it as pin-locator. Then you can use it when you pick up your ball from the cup.

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