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LINK - New users, issues, first thoughts and praise?

Got my LINK. Awesome. Couple of immediate thoughts: 1) Tag screw in: Depending on the age of your grip it can be a little tricky to screw them all the way down. Be gentle, patient and don't force it. 2) Remember it doesn't need to be tight on the handle, just so it sits there is fine. Went and had a practice round with it. 1) As per instruction - it took about 7 minutes to get location lock. I will definitely turn it on during warm up next time. 2) My course has 2 back to back par 3's - it missed the hole changeover and added my shots to the previous hole. Easily able to move the shots to the other hole - but had I not checked at the end of the second par3, it could have made a mess of the scorecard. 3) Checked the phone on several occasions to see how it was going - noticed several random entries of shots that were entered on holes I hadn't got to. I keep my phone in the bottom pocket of my bag, maybe the tags are somehow interacting with my phone . Overall really happy with ease of setup and use. Couple of bugs as above to be expected - hopefully easy fixes. Congrats on the release guys!! Kindest regards, Clappdawg!

William Sullivan - I located your support ticket and see a reply from our team to you from 13 days ago. By your comment here, it seems the issue is not resolved. We'll re-open your ticket so we can work through the issues. 

Hello Rex - thanks for chiming in with your experience! 

Used LINK for the first time today. I'm very impressed. I had absolutely no issues except forgetting to register a stroke occasionally. I was able to go into Golf Pad and edit those very easily and hole positions also. Also used my Samsung Gear Fit 2 without issues. Great product!

Bob Harris....  My LINK worked great for 10 holes as well before it powered off. It has been attached to a charger for 11 days now and will not take a charge or turn on. Apparently we received defective units that need to be returned either for service or a refund. I entered a support ticket 7/31/17 which was acknowledged by the same day, but have not received any updates yet. I just added a comment to my open support ticket asking for an address to return the LINK and tags.

Bob, contact support by email or leave a ticket.  I would suggest a swap rather than a refund as what seems issue with yours is a physical malfunction.

I'm not as impressed with the overall roll-out considering LINK was pushed back for about a year from the original release date. I thought things would be closer to the 'Done Right' level as advertised and it's far from that, but at this point I'm patient. I could make bug reports, but I'm sure they've heard of the issues many times. Instead I wish there was better interaction with staff on these forums as to what they're working on and recognize as issues to help users. I know some are found in Kickstart emails (like turning the unit on well in advance), or some of the iPhone issues in the 'Solutions' area. One user, Craig Patrick, is always pushing for a 'Release Notes' on what's contained in updates (which is a good idea). We could use something similar in regards to LINK issues before a person runs into them on the course (so include those in the 'Known issues' if they've been reported) . So here's my summary from various sources:

- the most serious issue is if you run into the 'waiting for location' message; the solution currently would be to disable LINK and go back to using just TAGS in your settings, as this is likely to reoccur during your round, and can't be overcome;

- linking to the unit through bluetooth seems inconsistent; it has tried to connect to my phone when I'm not playing a round and don't even have the app open. and conversely it's taken 15 minutes to connect when I have started a round; in any event, start the app really early when getting to a course both to get bluetooth connection and satellite lock;

- the logic built around exactly what hole a user's strokes is recorded on, which I believe has changed substantially (maybe I'm wrong). It obviously bypasses the hole indicated on your phone or smartwatch. Hopefully it's more sophisticated, and doesn't just rely on pushing strokes to what it deems the nearest hole, but I'm almost inclined to believe that from what I've seen and the complaints of erratic entries. It should be built on the premise that a golfer will play through a natural progression of holes, so if I've played holes 1 thru 3, I'm likely to be on 4 next, and even if I slice a drive onto the adjacent 16th fairway from the 4th tee, there would be some logic to recognize that. There could even be a bias in the program to recognize that I'm likely not on the 16th hole in that instance, but may even correct the entry once it sees that my progression of strokes both before and after that shot were on the fourth hole (and I played 1 to 3 previously), and that that one too should be included in it. In any event, it seems the logic applied previously with TAGS was closer to what users need.

- pairing issues in set-up; be sure you have all updates installed in regards to GolfPad and your phone; also follow the detailed instructions contained in the Forums; 

- review all of the "LINK' known issues in the support pages;

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Connection and locations issues already just put away in my bag. More problems than woth the time no one wants to wait for me trying to get it to work.
The guys at Contorra are freaking awesome!! Sent a bug report about the hole-changeover issue and next day got this response: Hello Anthony, Thank you for reporting issue. Now we are improving auto advance algorithm, it will be available in next update. Thank you, Golf Pad team. So quick to respond, so quick to fix. Love these guys!
Golf pad link arrived. Took a bit of time setting up and assigning clubs. All working now. Did notice that whilst playing a round, when I scanned my clubs it would not register properly. When I check hole and pin locations on the map there were big discrepancies. Would suggest if your having problems, to check the layout and edit course as necessary.
Posted a dashboard rnd today: This was a "don't check the phone" round to see how LINK got on by itself. I didn't check the phone nor edit the recorded shots - so it is a "raw data" round. I connected LINK 15 mins before the round began. Started on the back 9, immediate issues. If you look at the round it missed 2 par 3's and added shots that should have been on 12th to 9th hole that I didn't even play. I especially like my 310 metre putt #muscles. Did seem to sort itself out by 13 but made the start of the round almost impossible to log. Have logged a support ticket for their troubleshooting purposes.

Not able to get a round in, but I did take LINK along to the driving range with me (which is at a golf course). It got satellite lock fairly quickly, but took more than 15 minutes for the phone to recognize the reader (which was almost right next to it). I'd cancelled and restarted the process several times until it finally recognized the reader. I believe this was right after I'd turned off the security setting normally used with just tags where you don't want the power button to instantly lock your phone. 

I created a 'mock' round, and tagged some clubs as I hit. While away from my phone by perhaps 10 yards, I lost bluetooth connectivity, so my tags didn't look like they registered when looking at my smartwatch. Once I got back closer to my phone, all the shots tagged suddenly registered.

Then I discovered another issue that appears to be a good idea on the surface, but in reality could be very frustrating. The app now appears to record shots to the hole it 'thinks' you're on, no matter if you deliberately indicate what hole your playing through the phone or smartwatch. To test this, I indicated that I was on the first tee and tagged a shot. At the range where I'm hitting at, the 7th hole is the closest hole to the range. So no matter what I did, all shots got recorded on the 7th hole.

This logic appears necessary for a user that just uses the reader alone. I think it would be wise to let the user have an option to record on the hole indicated on your phone/watch, with the usual logic for advancing to the next hole. Otherwise. for users who play on courses with up and down fairways with shared rough, shots will get recorded all over the map. If you have a habit of playing from the wrong fairway (not intentionally of course :)), expect that your shots will need to be moved.

OK, I reset LINK and charged it again.  This time it charged right up.  Everything is working again so I guess I'll give it another chance.  Scheduled to play again on Wednesday but I definitely want to get out sooner. Maybe for nine holes on Monday.  When it works it's great.  Hope it keeps going this time.

John, update the software on your phone.  I had the same issue but it was fixed when the software was updated.

+Walter I have just had a software update to my android phone - I too am now getting the "connect to link" screens - even when I am just looking at stats. Cancel the attempt - retries straight away. May be time for a bugfix report?

This takes some getting used to.  First round it only lasted 2 holes before I messed it up so bad and had to abandon the effort.  Playing partners did not have patience.  Second round I made it work for 10 holes.  Had to stop because I lost the satellite for some reason.  Got home and tried to charge the link but it would not take a charge.  Been charging for two days and nothing.  This is way too much trouble.  I think I want a refund but can't reach anyone to find out how to do it.

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