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LINK - New users, issues, first thoughts and praise?

Got my LINK. Awesome. Couple of immediate thoughts: 1) Tag screw in: Depending on the age of your grip it can be a little tricky to screw them all the way down. Be gentle, patient and don't force it. 2) Remember it doesn't need to be tight on the handle, just so it sits there is fine. Went and had a practice round with it. 1) As per instruction - it took about 7 minutes to get location lock. I will definitely turn it on during warm up next time. 2) My course has 2 back to back par 3's - it missed the hole changeover and added my shots to the previous hole. Easily able to move the shots to the other hole - but had I not checked at the end of the second par3, it could have made a mess of the scorecard. 3) Checked the phone on several occasions to see how it was going - noticed several random entries of shots that were entered on holes I hadn't got to. I keep my phone in the bottom pocket of my bag, maybe the tags are somehow interacting with my phone . Overall really happy with ease of setup and use. Couple of bugs as above to be expected - hopefully easy fixes. Congrats on the release guys!! Kindest regards, Clappdawg!

Still waiting for my LINK, but nice to hear some feedback. Random entries as you describe are usually the result of the phone being put in a pocket while the screen is still is on and not locked. I've had that the odd time with the app and using tags. With LINK and you having your phone in your bag, that sounds unlikely, but maybe they're interacting as you mention.

I apply a bit of silicone to the tags to keep them secure. I place a bit under the cap to ensure the cap doesn't separate from the stem as some people have had problems with. Then I place a small bead around the tag once I've screwed them into the grip. With a factory grip I had on my irons, the tags sat really tight against the flat base, so it was almost overkill. I switched them off this spring with Golf Pride CP2's that have quite a rounded end and they don't sit snug against the butt of the grip at all, so the silicone seemed almost necessary. Sliding a utility knife counterclockwise under the caps got them off of the old grips easily.

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Played a round with my Link Saturday, big tournament so I didn't have a lot of ability to play around with phone while playing and keeping up concentration. One small issue that I did notice is that half way through the round I was unable to tag shots so I had to manually go in and correct the holes which had no shots recorded. I did see a prompt to import which I couldn't understand since my phone was on me and close to the Link all day long? Anyway after hitting the prompt to import I was prompted to assign clubs after selecting import file, again this was odd since all of my clubs were already assigned prior to round. After canceling the assign club prompt and selecting done. Presto I was able to tag clubs again! This happened several times during the round so I created a ticket and submitted it yesterday in hopes that this issue can be addressed. As is I really don't feel confident in playing  without my phone near by to correct problems as they arise. So until a fix is addressed I will just keep using my phone and checking my progress as I play so that I don't lose data. The unit is very nice with what I guess are glitches at this time, but when it works it does work quite well.

Thanks Doug. That info helps other users. A couple of questions:

When the reader was working scanning tags properly, did it make one 'long' vibration, and when it wasn't working, did it make 3 short vibrations (indicating a problem), or nothing at all?

From what I understand, if the LINK is moved out of bluetooth range of your phone, it is supposed to reconnect automatically once within range again. But then alternately,  I've read that if the phone is out of range for the entire round, the user is prompted to import the shots into the phone. So it sounds like conflicting information. So when you prompted to import data, did it record the missing shots correctly? The 'assign clubs' prompt you received during the same process also sounds confusing. It's as if it's messing with your LINK club set-up when some other step fails.

Also Doug - you mention that you kept your phone and reader within close proximity to each other during the entire round? Yet you still had the problems noted? I wonder if your phone is somehow 'hibernating' or has some other setting that needs to be disabled so that the phone remains in communication with the reader when it's locked and sitting in your pocket (??)

Walt - You have to choose a setup option whether you want to read the tags via phone or by LINK. I would think that one choice would disable the other to stop "misreads" from having the phone somewhere near the tags. Any thoughts on the missed change of hole?

I have been using the Tags for several years now so am familiar with the sound and vibration that you get with a tag which is almost the same with the Link. When the Link was working well I could feel and hear the tag sound each and every time no problem which immediately let me know that I had tagged the club. When it wasn't tagging it was hard to tell because I really couldn't feel anything, and I tried several times when I didn't get an indication that a tag had been made. Not to say it wasn't vibrating lightly, I just couldn't feel anything with Link attached to my belt and during the round. As for setting the phone up prior to round, I had lock instantly with power button turned off and sleep mode set pretty high also when Link wouldn't tag I would take phone out and make sure it wasn't sleep to see if club was tagging. Another reason for my amazement was the fact that it was asking to import when my phone was so close to the Link all day and the phone is brand new Samsung S8 plus, I have never had a tagging problem with just the tags when tagging with my phone in the past few months. I am playing again today and since it is just a friendly round I will have much more time to test it out thoroughly when I play. Hopefully it was just a glitch and things go a little more smoothly this time. One last thing, when prompted to import tags to my phone, it did double my strokes on the holes that were not tagged? I ended up with 10's on par 5's that should have been 5's.

Just finished playing a round today with the Link and it was flawless this time. Every tag worked first time with no glitches what so ever. The only thing that I did differently was changed out all of my old tags on my clubs to the new ones that came with the Link, re-assigned them and went out and played. I did also allow about 20 minutes prior to my round for the device to lock onto satellites and off I went. I am finally feeling good about the unit and confident that it will definately work great in the future. It is possible that the first time I used it that because the course was very rural, that maybe I was having satellite issues and that was causing the tags not to work consistently or maybe the old tags were bad. I don't know, my plans next time are to play a whole round  with my phone put away in the golf bag and try using the import feature!

Well, that's good news. Although I already have tags, I've ordered LINK with new tags as well (for extras, or a second set of clubs).

+Anthony - speculating on the hole change problem. I've run into problems with the app not auto-advancing when I've had chip-ins. My drives on the next holes ended up on the same hole. There's definitely some logic built whereby when there's a putt followed by a driver near a tee box, a hole advance occurs. So whether you go out of range with your reader, or are playing the entire round 'not connected' to your phone and will be importing your data, it's got to run through the entire logic in some sort of similar fashion. And there would be even more of a challenge if it's the former scenario since it has to look at data already on the phone.

In any case, sounds like some tweaking by GolfPad is necessary. Until I'm confident with it and until things are ironed out,  I know I may carry my phone with me around the green (since if there's any place where a user could go out of Bluetooth range, it would be the green).

Doug - I'd be interested in hearing how it goes using the import feature. I think I would also keep a manual scorecard for that just in case.

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Received my LINK & Tags today. Reader has been fully charged, BUT I have not been able to assign clubs to tags. I've followed the instructions implicitly, but all I get is 3 short vibrations when attempting to assign a club to a tag. Have lodged a ticket, but extremely disappointing that this has happened. Was expecting to use my LINK this weekend, but god knows when I'll be able to use it. Seems not all the bugs have been ironed out.  Anybody have any suggestions.

Strange that you can't get your tags to register? Have you paired your unit to the phone correctly? I also believe you need to establish a satellite connection but am not sure. I had no problem with assigning clubs when I got mine. Hopefully tech support will have you up and running in no time. Mine has been working flawlessly every since I got it.

I am assuming that you have accessed the phone app and selected "assign clubs". The instructions don't tell you to: 1) go to settings (little cog icon top right) 2) go to golfpad LINK/TAGS 3) enable golfpad LINK / TAGS 4)Use LINK reader 5)Connect to the device 6)Assign Club to tag. Hope this helps?

+John - I don't know if you followed the detailed pairing instructions found here, and copied below:

Once paired in step 6 below, the blue light on the reader should change from blinking every second to only every 5 seconds. The key is step 8, reproduced below:

1. Fully charge your Golf Pad LINK. The orange LED charging light will turn to green once the device is fully charged.

2. Power on the LINK by pressing the power button (see this page for LINK controls information).

3. Open Golf Pad app and tap Settings

4. Select Golf Pad LINK from settings list

5. Enable Golf Pad LINK. On Android only, choose 'Use LINK reader' option.


7. You should see a Golf Pad LINK device in the list of the nearby devices. It may take a minute to appear. Select it from the list.

8. Once you get the prompt, press and hold the power button on the LINK reader for 2+ seconds.

The LINK is now be connected. Proceed to install tags and assign clubs.

Unable to pair the LINK? Please check the troubleshooting steps at this page.

If that doesn't do it, see the 'reset' instructions on the troubleshooting page found in the link above.

Received my LINK and charged it up. Yet to take it out for a round, but from just starting up a 'mock' round, here's my impressions:

- the tagging sensitivity of the reader is really good. Beats phone tagging by a long shot. The butt of the club doesn't really have to perpendicular at all to the face of the reader to register (like you need to with the phone); so that's something I'll really enjoy on the greens, and the fact of not having to carry a bulky phone (usually in my front pocket) is a relief;

- being a smartwatch user, I'm going to see how things work with leaving my phone in a powercart or on a pull cart; usually, one wouldn't be that far away to still be within bluetooth range given that practice on tees through fairways, so I still would get yardages. On the green, I could see getting out of bluetooth range, so I wouldn't be able to mark the pin position in that instance. I'm assuming that the bluetooth range of my smartwatch is about the same as the reader. I connected the phone, and then started walking away from it with the reader. I got to around 30ft and I lost connection; 

- I was hoping that the GPS accuracy would be better than my phone, but from just tagging in the backyard being as far away from the house/garage as possible in open sky, I'm not seeing any improvement unfortunately; maybe that will be better on the course with signals not bouncing off of buildings;

- if I start a 'mock' round and quit and discard the round, I've been prompted later on starting the reader to import some shots (which shouldn't be happening), so there's definitely some bugs in that regard (and something like Doug experienced);

- with the reader off, it looks like the app tries to connect to the reader, even though Golf Pad isn't running; I see a 'connect' screen and cancel the pairing, only for it to reappear sometime later; if I click Check Status in one of those instances, I get the LINK set-up screen within the app Settings, even though the app isn't running; normally, I get a buzz from the phone when I start the app, and then see a notification that the app is trying to connect to the reader 

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This takes some getting used to.  First round it only lasted 2 holes before I messed it up so bad and had to abandon the effort.  Playing partners did not have patience.  Second round I made it work for 10 holes.  Had to stop because I lost the satellite for some reason.  Got home and tried to charge the link but it would not take a charge.  Been charging for two days and nothing.  This is way too much trouble.  I think I want a refund but can't reach anyone to find out how to do it.

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+Walter I have just had a software update to my android phone - I too am now getting the "connect to link" screens - even when I am just looking at stats. Cancel the attempt - retries straight away. May be time for a bugfix report?
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