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Average Distance of First Putt

I just played my first round with Golf Pad, and I'm very impressed.  I have a question about the Average Distance of First Putt stat.  It's telling me that my average distance is 3 feet.  I wish I could hit it that close every time (or any time :-)

I'm sure this is calculated by marking the flag location and the location of your first putt.  I've made sure that both of these are set on every hole of my round.  I am noticing that many holes do not have a distance for my first putt, even though the putt location and the flag are set.  I even see the distance when I go into the app to reset the putt location.

I'd also add a +1 to letting you manually add the first putt distance in the app.  I pace off every putt and write the distance on my scorecard, so this may be a little quicker than marking the flag location on every green.

Well, be sure to take a screen shot of that, and boast about that impressive statistic to your friends. :)

If you didn't edit your putts and hole locations, your putting statistics would have to be taken with a grain of salt. But since you edit these, you'd think you'd have a more reasonable number. Mine shows 27ft. I can't suggest anything, but maybe post updates as you record more rounds. Maybe this will flesh out. Unless recent updates have affected this stat.

In regards to your last paragraph. I'm waiting on Link and hoping that green-side stats are more accurate. You'd think that editing might still be necessary. This is my suggestion - 'Mark Green' as opposed to 'Mark pin location' that would zoom into the green, and allow to mark ALL putts and pin location, showing feet between each point. From a prior discussion:

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Walter - Thanks for the reply.  One thing that's interesting is that very few of my first putts have a distance on them when I look at my shots via Edit Scores.  But a couple of my putts do have a distance on them in Edit Scores.  

I like your idea from the older discussion.

I'll update the post when I play again.

I cracked open the app, and from Playing History/Edit Scores (of my recent Sunday round) I could see first putt distances on EVERY hole (second putt distances might not, or may be obscured).

Compared to the website Player Dashboard, when looking at the same round, I could only see 50% of putt distances for the first putt. The ones that did not show distances simply showed the white arc to the green dot, with the caption '+2 putts'. I'm not sure why there are those differences.

The above is on the Android app. Which are you? There can be differences.

Which raises another question. I'm assuming that the distance of the first putt stat is a GPS coordinate difference between the first putt and the hole location. And not the actual first putt, since I may be 25ft from the hole, but blast my putt 5ft past, for a 30ft total putt. The app I would assume compiles the stat for that hole being 25ft away, and not 30ft. So I'm wondering if you not being able to see the first putt distance (being the actual length of the putt and not the distance to the hole) would have any effect on the stat (?).

I'm seeing similar results, and I'm on the Android app as well.

And I'm under the same assumption as far as the calculated distance of first putt.  To be honest, I'd really be happier entering first putt distance myself.  My understanding of smartphone GPS is that it's accurate to about 2 yards.  And while 2 yards isn't going to make a big difference in club selection, that 6 feet will really impact my putting stats.  I'm better off pacing off my putts, which I do anyway because my depth perception is not great (and I can feel the line with my feet).

I'm hoping that the new LINK reader will provide better accuracy, since it uses both GPS and GLONASS satellites. Like you mentioned, and as I said in my 'Mark Green' blurb, unless you track greens and do some serious editing, the only putt stat you could use is 'Number of putts'. I've heard varying stats on accuracy (2-10 yards). I've heard that the 2 GPS systems combined is 2.5 times more accurate. I'm in Canada (the further north you are, the less accurate the data I've heard), plus accuracy is dependent on your phone's antennae, so I found green data to be quite a bit off (sometimes it looks like 10 yards for me, and a putt is sometimes shown off in the rough). 

So in my 'Mark Green' wish list, there would have to be another indicator (like one of those 'toast' items like '+2 putts') where it shows distance from first putt (start) to pin. The distances from putts and final putt to pin would show the actual distances as it mostly does now. Of course if you moved the pin, the toast indicator and point-to-point items on the green would change.

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It seems to me that there is a bit of a delay in the GPS from taking my phone out of my pocket to mark flag position which causes the inaccuracy. Seems to need a couple seconds to "catch up" to my actual position. Couldn't we have a separate tag that would be for marking the flag position by tapping the Link with that tag while standing at the hole and wouldn't that be more accurate and less time consuming than taking the phone out of my pocket as the Link is worn on my belt.

Hello! We've had a delay in keeping up with the forum discussions due to LINK production and Kickstarter fulfillment. If any of you have an issue where you feel your distances aren't accurate (especially if using LINK), please email Golf Pad LINK uses it's own built in tracking. GPS and GLONASS as Walter pointed out. The app + Golf Pad TAGS or just the app alone will use the GPS in your phone, which can be unreliable at times. 

We'll take note of the suggestions about adding 1st putt distances manually. Thanks!! 

The average distance of first putt stat is great but there needs to be a secondary stat to track the average distance of first putts for greens in regulation. That would be a bit more useful in assessing approach accuracy.

Hi Angus - thanks for the feedback. We'll be sure the team receives it.

I still have not found out how "track first putt" works.What should I expect with this setting?

Do I need to track all putts to find out how far my first putt went?

What I really want to know is "how far is my first putt to the pin".

Hi Bob. Thanks for the question. For anyone who doesn't already know, "track first putt" is a setting (currently in the Android version of the app, iPhone coming soon) you can use if you prefer to only track your first putt, rather than all the putts. 

You can make this change under Settings > Shot Tracking > Enable Shot Tracking. Select "track all putts", "track the first putt only", or "do not track putt locations"

With "track first putt" option the location where the ball landed on the green and first putt starts is recorded. You do not need to be near the ball when adding subsequent putts. The intention here is that you can accurately measure the distance of approach shot, but does not need to bother with marking subsequent putts at specific locations on the green. If you wants to measure putt distances, you should select  the "track all putts" option.

OK, thx for the explanation.

How would I get the distance of my first putt to the hole? I would like to know how good my approach shot was.

Bob, you need to mark the location of the pin as well as the location of the first putt. As far as i understand, the average of the distance between the two is the value shown in the "Average Distance of First Putt" stat on the player dashboard. 

Cindy, can you please confirm that is the case?

Hi Angus - this is correct. Thanks for contributing to the conversation. :)

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