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Smartwatch "quick button" options

I have an Asus Zenwatch 2 working with a Droid Maxx 2 phone. I have the golf tags and I participate in the yearly subscription for premium.

During a round, the main screen of my watch shows the distance to the front, center and back of the green AND the main screen has a "+SHOT" and  "+PUTT" at the bottom that can be tapped to add shots or putts. If I swipe left on the watch, my screens are "PENALTY", "UNDO", "SET FLAG", "NEXT HOLE".

The two options I use most (now that I have the tags) are "SET FLAG" and "PENALTY". I never need the shot or putt options since the tags take care of all that.

Is there a way to get the two hot buttons on the main screen changed to "SET FLAG" and "PENALTY" so I don't have to swipe through screens while standing next to the hole to set the flag position?

Thanks - Randy

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Cindy - you have been so great at addressing the other software issues and concerns, can you take a look at this one and see if something can be done?

Hi Randy - sorry I didn't see this post earlier! I will pass this on to the team. Your feedback about which options you need most is very useful. If any other users have an opinion on this, comment below. Thanks.

We'll look into making the actions customizeable on the watch - I think this is a good idea for TAGS/LINK owners. In the meantime, you can assign the penalty and mark flag actions to any of the golf tags not used for clubs. Simply scan a new tag while in TAGS settings in Golf Pad and select the action at the bottom of the list.

I have an Apple Watch 3 can you make the holes Advance automatically like fun golf app? Thanks

Thanks for the info Konstantin. If I had some extra tags, I'd try that option to see how well it worked for me. Not sure if I want to carry a couple extra TAGS in my pocket along with my ball mark, repair tool, tees, etc. and then have to mark them somehow so I know which is "Penalty" and which is "Flag".

One of the reasons I'd like to have these options on the yardage screen (main screen) of the watch is so it takes less time to select the option that I need. There are times when my watch decides it wants to be difficult and not allow me to swipe screens (for whatever reason) and while the rest of the group is walking off the green, I'm standing next to the hole trying to get the "Mark Flag" option up on my watch. I assume the same would happen with using a tag - I'd stand there pulling stuff out of my pocket trying to find the right TAG to use. Just looking for something to make the process a bit more unnoticeable.

Thanks - Randy

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