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What does GolfPad actually NEED to work during a round?


In a bid to increase battery life on my phone when using GolfPad, I'm just wondering what services / functions GolfPad actually NEEDS during a round of golf. Obviously it needs GPS (although I'm using GP with a Samsung Gear S so does it need GPS or if I turn GPS off on the phone will it use the watch GPS?) but I'm wondering if it needs a data connection once the round has been set up and the course and downloaded? I won't be sharing the round live, so I was wondering what in total can be turned off? I've basically got an NFC tag which i want to program so once I've set the round up I can hold the phone against it on my bag and it'll turn off everything I don't need.

Many thanks

At this time, I believe Keaton (forum admin) mentioned that GolfPad cannot use the Samsung Gear GPS, so you will have to use Location services on your phone. You can shutdown Wifi, but obviously not Bluetooth since you're using a watch, and disable online sync in your phone settings.

If you want to see maps but want to shut down data, you'd have to start a round while connected, browse maps for each hole so they're cached, and then shutdown your data connection. Don't know how you'd manage that (course wifi?). 

I've programmed a tag as well (ringer off, media ringer mid, start GolfPad, smartlock off, send annoying text to some buddies - "Fore!")

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Perfect, great reply Walter - thanks. When I'm in an area with good signal, it uses around 80% battery on a single round with everything turned on, but if the area has poor signal, I'm just about lucky to get a round out of it lol. I'll be seeing what else I can shut down while using it just in case to try and eek some battery life out of it.

Out of curiosity, which app are you using for your NFC tags?

Using that much of your battery during a round seems unusually high. My Nexus 6P uses about 30% after one round. Is yours an older phone perhaps? You should check after a round and go to your battery settings to see what app had used most of your battery's juice. It could be that your phone just uses a lot of its power for Location services and GPS.

I don't know if you're on the wait list for Link, but that would help save your battery's charge.

I'm using Trigger to read tags. I've also got Tasker, but haven't looked into it enough, and haven't come up with ideas how I'd use it with GolfPad.

Hmmm, I've got a Samsung S6 Edge. Perhaps I'll give it a check next time and see what the issue might be.

thanks again

The S6, with its smaller battery, isn't know for stellar battery performance. So with typical battery degradation after a couple of years, that could explain your situation.

So again, make sure auto-sync is off during your round (you don't need any Google accounts, facebook, or twitter trying to sync). Another option is getting a battery replacement, though still not ideal. Consider a portable battery charger just to finish the round so you don't get screwed on the 18th hole. Or Link when available in May.

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