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View course without playing

Hi all.

Want to say thanks for an amazing app, I've gotten all my golf buddies to start using it and most of them went premium after a while as the app is just so awesome.

A feature we would love to see is the ability to view a course without starting a new round.

Most of the time when playing a new course, I would like to view it the day before, go through the holes, check distance to hazards, but don't want to start a new round and then discard it afterwards. Also not get 9999m as my distance on the holes.

Also when watching pro tournaments (live or on tv), it would be cool to follow along on the app to see what the hole being played looks like.

Thanks guys!


A version of this feature is already available on the android app and will be coming to iPhone soon. I am actually going to put together an article for the knowledge base that explains how this works just to try and avoid confusion.

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Thanks for the response, looking forward to the article. I am currently using the android app.

Here is the link to the article:

It is not a perfect match for what you are looking for but it will get the job done. We will continue to make improvements in future updates.

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