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Ability to ADD scorecard of golfers without adding own scorecard in the fourball

1. I am chairman handicap committee at our golf course. It requires maintaining scorecard and handicaps of all the golfers on day to day basis.

2. GolfPad does not allow me to enter the rounds played by other golfers without me being part of it. I have to be a member of the fourball if i have to enter scorecard for other golfers. that would make it 5 ball.

3. There is no way to remove myself from the round and add scorecard for only the fourball (Indented to).

4. This will help me maintain handicap for all the golfers of the golf course in a standardised manner.(USGA). Also great to keep record of all rounds played by a particular golfer.

5. It would be a great feature to add to golfpad, though small.

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