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Strokes” is a golf scoring and betting app for Android phones or tablets. It calculates golf scores, golf bets, and player payoffs during your round. It features fast one touch score entry to make it hassle free to use during play, and instant access to the status of each player and bet. Features include: * Calculates most common golf bets including individual, group and team bets. * Match Play, Stroke Play, Nassau, Skins, Low Net, Sixes, 7 Ways, Las Vegas, Foursomes, Side Bets * Many bet and payoff options on each bet.. * Uses player handicaps from 0 to 100%. Can adjust handicaps for course slope. * Provides hole by hole status of each player and bet. * Allows presses. Automatic presses. * Displays complete player payoff information, totals and per bet. * Fast easy score entry. * Sample round data included for quick trial. * Up to five players per round. * Payoffs per bet or per point (match play) or per stroke (stroke play). * Nassau option for individual or team bets. Variable Nassau amounts and press amounts. * Skins carry over option. * Teams scoring options for Best Ball, Hi-Low, or Total Strokes. * Change player handicap during round. * Create new bets or presses, delete bets or presses, at any time during the round. STROKES is a great and convenient app for betting and calculations of payoffs. Try implementation of its features. Attached a few screenshots of this app for reference. Regards Thanks

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least u guys can do is acknowledge / reply back to the post i had sent. Anyways. 

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