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Pin positions, putting strokes gained, and GPS accuracy

This feature request involves what happens around the green, and is related to marking the pin position and strokes gained statistics in relation to putting as well. It also involves the inherent accuracy of the technology, meaning using your phone GPS which is going to have an error of a few yards either way. This accuracy isn’t an issue for me for drives and approach shots, but when it comes to putting statistics, due to this variance you have to take the putting stats with a grain of salt. That is, unless you want to edit your putt location and mark pin locations more accurately (I don’t know if the upcoming ‘Link’ reader will be any more accurate (?)).

So, for example, I can mark my putts by tagging my phone, and then I’ll mark the pin position after leaving the hole. Due to the GPS variance, when I review the detail around the green, it will look like I made a 14’ putt, followed by a 13’ foot putt, when in actuality, I may have been 30’ from the pin, followed by a 2’ foot putt. Editing these positions, along with pin position individually is time consuming and somewhat error prone, as sometimes you cannot see the detail of the previous putts.

Instead, it would be nice to have a feature, say, to ‘Edit Green’ (instead of the ‘Mark pin position’) where you can move all putts and mark the pin position in one area. When opening, it would always zoom to the green area (as opposed to editing an individual putt where it always takes you out to the entire hole view and then you have to zoom into the green detail each time). I’m interested to know what others think of this idea, and how they currently handle their data around the green.

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I think that would be a big improvement to what is currently available in the application. I've wondered if there's any thought to allowing the user to set pin positions based off of pin sheets. Many courses don't give out pin sheets on a daily basis but most tournaments do provide this information. It would help save some time and improve the overall playing experience.

have not yet used the mark pin position feature, but plan to shortly.  I agree, the next evolution of properly tracking putting behavior is knowing distances of putts, not just number of putts.  For example, a lot of stats can be generated about putting performance at certain intervals (such as less than 10ft, or within 5ft, or even at large distances).  Getting to the green is great, but we all know that great scores do not happen unless putts are sunk. I am open to ideas how best to implement, and treating the green as its own 'editable section' makes a lot of sense to me.

+Nathan Redberg - yes, pin sheets are a asset when approaching a green from the fairway, but I don't think you can set the pin location accurately enough to reflect your performance around the green in terms of strokes gained (it's got to be spot on).

+sgbani - I've seen the feature available after the latest update, but haven't had a chance to try it out (too much work, etc. getting in the way of golf). I opened up the app but didn't understand how it worked exactly. Please post and let us know of your experience. In any event, if it's a matter of pulling out a phone an hitting a button, I still don't think it will be accurate enough to reflect putting statistics accurately given phone GPS error as I'd mentioned. I think it may still be necessary to have a quick 'green' view of the shots that can be edited where you can move the putts and pin position reflected in feet. Right now, I'll locate the pin position on the green where I think it is, but the screen depicts the location of my approach shot "+ 2 putts", not really showing me the detail of my putts after the approach shot, so everything is just a guess.

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