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Possibility to add green breaks

Instead of have to bring along a pocket guide for green breaks, a suggestion would be to map both the general green breaks but also specific breaks that are not so easy to read.

Feature #1:

Let's say that in some kind of "course editing mode" (at home) you (GolfPad or other users) have the possibility to add green breaks, like the obvious elevation changes and slopes. This information is often easy to retrieve from the golf club. Once this is added, all users can then access this info, as a layer on top of the course map. At the same time, adding some kind of thin-lined contour around the green would be great.

I understand that this request cannot be done by GolfPad alone, but with help of our fellow community to start adding greens for all courses. Not impossible?

Feature #2:

The user then have the possibility to quickly (during the round) add a local fall line that often is forgotten. Example: You misread your 15-footer to break left instead of right. You can then after finishing your hole, quickly go into "green breaks mode" and add an arrow for future use. This information is only accessible by the player, but is shown automatically next time that player plays that course.

br Carl

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