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Swing Analysis - Smart Watches, Android Wear

I'm about to purchase the tags officially and I have been a premium member for almost a year, I love this app.

Request:  Swing Analysis using all the technology in the Smartwatches.

I know this is pretty involved, but other companies, like Garmin, have swing analysis built in to the watch, but they can't come close to doing everything else this program can do.  On the surface, I know it can be done.  Is this a feature that is currently being developed or roadmapped?  I assume it would use the accelerometer and gyroscope.  Heck, why not the heart sensor as well to look at nerves while teeing off or high pressure putting...ok maybe down the road on that part.

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would be nice if the swing analysis function is also embedded like Mobitee.

I'm a proud new owner of the Golf tags, they work great!  Love them.

Any thoughts on my idea above?

We are always interested in advancing the app any way possible. The idea of integrating swing analysis is extremely intriguing but also very complex to do it well, which is how we would want to do it, so I doubt this will be in the immediate plans but definitely an exciting idea for the future.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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