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friends feed

1. "friends feed" feature could be added to golfpad where golfers could track there friends and get alerts in notifications once their friends have played a round.

2. Even the ability to add comments would be great. that way one could appreciate the rounds played by friends.

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Give a BARCODE system like BBM to make friends just by scanning. search friends by their email ID. or by mobile number.


We are definitely interested in adding some features along this same line. Ideally, we will be able to incorporate some live leaderboard type tracking but the exact details remain to be seen. Thanks for the input though, love the ideas!

I think just to add another possible social entity, it would be nice to see which GolfPad users play on your local course, and also even something like what similar handicap players are scoring on the course. I'd love to be able to run up to a course, check if there are any other GolfPad users playing in the first instance, and then see roughly what other similar level players are scoring on the course (based on handicap + / - a certain amount like if I was a 12, anyone from 10 - 14 could be included). Gives something else to aim for if you're playing alone, or just another challenge to see how you fare against other golfers.

Any update to this? Would be nice to be able to see friends progress etc.

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