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Friends follow Live shot tracking on website

It would he nice, for Premium subscribers, to allow a "live shot tracking mode" that friends elsewhere can view on a website while I am playing. Think of how live shot tracking was for the Masters. The origin of this request is really due to friends following play during scrambles. This would be useful when tournaments do not utilize live leader board tracking. Feature Might be hosting intensive, so could limit it to update every few holes.

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This is something we are looking into currently.

It looks like some forms of this was implemented in latest update. Thank you!!! Cannot wait to try it.

Okay, just an update, used this once this past weekend, and people tracking thought it was great to follow (especially for non-golfers).  Thanks for including, hope others find it just as fun to use.

How much data does it use on my phone per round to send the data to my recipient?? Just did a quick test in my living room and it is pretty sweet!!!

One downside, you can only use facebook, twitter and email to share the link. Supporting Whatsapp, Messenger and other social networks would be nice too...

Now that you have included the capability of sharing live round can you please also look at "Live Leaderboard functionality". We have around 150 members in our group and we have around 6-8 flights playing at least twice a week. It'll be great to get a "Live Leaderboard".
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