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tracking shots at home

I would like to be able to track shots at home during practice. It would be nice if there was a feature for this other than playing uncharted course. It is also difficult when hitting multiple balls the check your shots when you approach. Just wondering.

This is an interesting idea but the implementation of a practice mode presents challenges. If you wouldn't mind elaborating on what you are thinking that would be helpful. What sorts of things would you want to be able to track at home? Just shot distances?

Yes shot distances. For instance be able to walk out and mark a "waypoint" flag and be walk out and hit a 12 balls or so and then go check them. I have distances marked in my yard with a flag and that seems to work for me. I mark different balls to hit with different clubs.I was just wondering if it was possible to utilize this product in such a way. Thank you
I do love the golf tags and golfpad. Premium member. I have been using it for years. Great product.

I see what you are saying. I think this could be a useful thing but there isn't a current way to utilize the system as it is now. Perhaps in the future we can figure out a way to make something like this possible. I will certainly pass the idea along to the rest of the team, we can try and do some brainstorming about it all. Thanks for the input!

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