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Shot Tracking

I would like to purchase the tag premium upgrade.  However I have an Iphone 6.  

My question:

If I purchase a pebble watch, can I track my shots (tags) with the pebble phone without pulling my cellphone out to click the next shot?

I want to avoid taking out my phone every time I take a shot.  

Thanks for any feedback.

Yes, with the premium subscription and a Pebble watch you will be able to track shots right from the watch. The only thing you will need to do on the phone is set the actual club that you used for the shot.

Just want to clarify and make sure I am not confusing you, you can track shots from the watch itself but the Golf Tags will not work with the iPhone yet. We are working on the iPhone compatible system that should be available this Spring.

Any update on this?

The LINK belt reader (which would provide Tag capability for iPhone) has been delayed from April, to summer, and now to "early fall". Probably going to miss my season up here in the great white north, which is bad for me, and the developers as well (note I would use the reader and keep my Android phone in the cart).

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