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Golf pad handicap

Is the calculated handicap on the app an official usga handicap? If it is, a great added feature would be the ability to print a handicap card, or at least email yourself your card so that it can be printed

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Our calculated handicap uses the USGA formula so it will produce the same number. But if you wish to use a handicap for a tournament that must come from a licensed club. We are not one of these clubs at the moment but may look into partnering with one in the future.

Getting message that rounds need more info for handicap use. No indication of what that info is. Problem started after adding GPS tags to clubs.

I get this message due to a 9-hole round, though this doesn't seem to inhibit the calculation. Would that be your case as well?

Note it doesn't say how this can be fixed on that screen. Also, I find that the handicap will not update from a recent roundĀ unless I go into Settings/User Profile/Edit contact and photo to get to the handicap index. Then it updates to other portions of the app. (Of course, IĀ do know that the handicap doesn't necessarily change after each round depending on which round 'drops-out' of the standard calculation).

Why doesn't the app update the handicap calc when I set the tee, rating and slope of a course?

+Daniel - I don't know if I understand your question completely. You mean you've completed a round at a certain course, and then you edit/update the rating and slope subsequently, and are looking for the index differential to change?

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