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Distance of Last Shot on Lock Screen

It would be really helpful if, in addition to showing you the distance to the green from where you are on the lock screen when using golf tags, it also showed you the distance from where you marked your last shot.  

I use this distance a lot when searching for drives in the rough as I often know about how far I hit a drive, so I can narrow where to look based on how far from the tee box I'm currently standing.  This distance is available from the main screen of the app at the bottom, but I can't see this information anymore from the lock screen when using golf tags.

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100% agree. This would be really helpful.

This would be great to have on the smart watch too. Having to pull out the phone and look at the app to see the distance while hunting for my ball eats up the battery fast.

Thank you for the suggestion guys. I will pass this along to the rest of the team and see what they think about adding something like this.

Looks like this was recently added!  Making things much easier when using the app from the lock screen.

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