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How can I log my scores manually?

I have played a few recent games but did not use Golf Pad on my phone during the game. How can I log / transfer my scores from a scorecard to the app?


You should be able to start the app on your phone and start a new round.  Select the course and tees and the enter PLAY.  Then, you could press the +SHOT at the bottom for each shot (and/or +PUTT) if you kept track of those.  You could also enter the fairway and sand shots from your manual scorecard if you kept those stats.  Press NEXT to get to the next hole and repeat for all 18 (or 9) holes.  After you're finished, I press the back button (on Android) and then FINISH ROUND.  From there, you should be able to review your score, edit the date/time of the round, etc. before pressing SAVE.

I just tried this myself and it worked fine (although I discarded the round, rather than saving it!).

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too much work

should be able to enter course, tees, and gross score of a round if you leave phone at home


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