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Manually Add Putt Distance

Trying to understand where my strengths and weaknesses are, I've been keeping track of how long the putts I make are.  What's my % from 6, 7,8, 12 ft?  These are the kinds of things that could be easily built into the Golf Pad app.

1)  Allowing the user to manually add a distance to the last putt could get this stat into your system (I picture a list of somesort, not having to use the keyboard)

2) Adding a new Tag for "in the hole" - that could be used with your last putt in order to GPS measure it.

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We actually had a discussion about something similar to this a couple of days ago. This is something we are actively working on.

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Some method of tracking putting stats would devotedly put Golf Pad well ahead of competing apps.
One possible simple solution could be creating and assigning a Tag as a flag tracker. You could also double the tag as a ball marker... (removing the screw part). As with the club tags, you just tap the flag/marker tag when you are standing at the hole.

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In addition to what Gary said, the app souls allow us to drag and drop pin placements on the map view.

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Fully agree Gary, looking forward to tap when i'm at the flag position when holed out. This should support the putting stats being accurate ! It's really the one stat that I do miss. Hopefully soon to be added?

It'd be great if this also updated the pin position for the hole in the app so that others using golfpad and playing after you would have the pin position set correctly for their approach distance.

Mark and Neil,

What both of you are talking about are ideas we have discussed and are currently working to implement. Being able to set the pin position will probably be finished first but then we will be able to use that info to update it for other users playing that day.

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Great to hear Keaton, please keep us updated when this feature would become available.

I'm sure I saw it was possible to change the flag position but I can't find the menu that it was in. Have I dreamt this or if not how do I get to the menu item?

Peter A follow this link

I've been using this app for few years now, and am quite happy with the tracking shots and clubs.

I know you've separated the routines for shots and putts, but in order to track putting distances would it be as simple as including the putter as a club choice when 'marking' your shot? then locate the pin on the final putt? With this being available, you would accuratetly mark your approach shot onto the green and track putting distances for additional putts.

I've been using my Moto 360 watch to mark the flag position. My suggestion is to have the screen to "Set Flag" be the first screen after swiping from right to left, not the third screen. The penalty shot screen should be the third screen since (hopefully) you don't have to use this often, compared to the Set Flag screen which I use on every hole.

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